Friday, January 25, 2008
Doin' The Samba
So as of yesterday morning, I've had both the samba server and smbclient/smbfs working correctly. I decided to go the graphical route on this one and use pyNeighborhood. It's a nifty little gtk route for mounting samba shares instead of having to cli everything. I assume I'll eventually break away and start finding it easier to type out the mount commands by hand, but for now I'm satisfied.

Getting Samba working correctly has always been a bit of a problem for me. I'm not entirely sure what aspect I didn't understand; Install samba, write a config file (after reading the man page, of course), restart the daemon. Why did I find this so hard before? The world may never know.

I also uninstalled xdm. I found that using a GUI login manager kind of limited me to only using the gui and a terminal emulator, instead of going pure cli. Now I can log in and start up some music without having to start x (even though the start times are minuscule).

I've been turning over the idea of learning some basic bash stuff as well, just so I could write an automated install script if I ever decide to start a fresh install. Besides, everyone who's anyone (that uses linux) knows at least SOME bash stuff.

Next Project: iDesk

PS., This mac keyboard is a piece of trash. How anyone could sacrifice THIS much comfort for looks is beyond me.

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