Wednesday, January 30, 2008
I'm scared
Ah, I do love my Ubuntu. It has been ever so nice to me over the past few years of my baby steps into Linux. After learning a bit about common Linux lingo, I'm beginning to think there's more out there to this kernel than I'm using. Sure it's nice trying to get as many apps usable in the command line as in X, but after a while, what's that really accomplishing?

I've read and heard people profess Archlinux, a distro based on the KISS principles. I don't know why I've been shying away from it so much. Perhaps I'm experiencing a bit of brand loyalty. Perhaps it's just a scary thing to jump from one extreme to the next. Perhaps I don't want to screw around with my University's 802.1x networking setup (again).

I suppose my want for a more difficult setup procedure stems from installing a Ubuntu cli system. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I felt powerful building my system from the blinking white line and up.

I've printed out an install guide, along with some useful tips that I found via Google. Hopefully I've managed to pick up enough Linux know-how and gather up the courage this weekend to plunge head-first into the unknown.
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