Thursday, January 24, 2008
Obligatory First Post

I figured this'd be the best way to start off a fledgling blog. I'm not the biggest fan of blogging, but I figured I'd set something up because hey, Blooger is Google related.

Yes, I am a Google-holic. I absolutely love them (it?) and everything related to them*. I switched from hotmail to Gmail, msn to gtalk, Photobucket to Picasa, to Google Bookmarks, and started using GCal, Google Reader, and Google Docs (although I do cheat and export my google documents for finalizing/printing). Call me a dreamer, an obsesser, a fanatic. I care not. I love Google, and Google loves me.

So anyhow, no one will probably end up reading this post ever, so I'll end it now. More at a later date.

*This statement is null and void if Google ever implements Google Puppy-Kicker or any similar service
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