Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Websites of Interest: Artichoke Edition
I believe that it's best to learn from those who have some amount of Linux experience under their belts. Sure, a man page is nice (and I suggest--nay, COMMAND--you to read man pages), being a very thorough explanation for a new piece of software. Sometimes, though, nothing beats the words of a well spoken Linux guru.

Tips for Linux - This is an extremely useful site for the beginner - intermediate Linux Jedi-in-training. Contains tons of tutorials on Linux as well as "PHP, MySQL, Perl, Apache, and various Linux softwares." As of writing this post, there are 32 tutorials in the Linux-specific section and 13 tutorials in the miscellaneous section. I'd definitely suggest reading through some of the articles, as everything is in human-readable format.

f0rked - This is pretty much where I learned how beautiful the program "screen" can really be. This guy knows his stuff, posting about many things useful for the Linux user to know. "
This is more or less an archive of my projects, articles, and interests. I have written a few guides and authored several scripts and programs. "

All about Linux - Yet another Linux blog. This author has quite a following, and for good reason. I'd say this blog contains more Slashdot-like information than simply Linux, though.

Motho ke motho ka botho
- This is the wordpress blog of Kmandla, UbuntuForums administrator. His blog is one of the reasons I wanted to start up Semidigerati. The posts are centered around adventures into the Linux world, and he definitely knows plenty more information than myself. Although he is currently obsessed with Crux, his is "
primarily a blog about the Ubuntu Linux operating system, and by necessity, computer hardware."
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