Friday, February 8, 2008
Cue Cards, Smoo Smards
This'll be the first non-Linux oriented post! Woo!

The greatest Christmas present (or at least one of the better ones) that I've ever received is a Hipster PDA. This little guy seems like a step backwards at first. However, if you're a cheap-o (like I am) and you have a hard time remembering things, a small stack of index cards, a paper clip, and a pencil or pen are the perfect tools. I use a mechanical pencil, so that 1.) I never have a problem with stabbing myself when reaching into my pocket, and 2.) it never goes dull. People who are less eco-friendly can use a pen, but I don't like throwing away things that can still be used.

The HPDA has taught me the beauty in using cue cards in general. I thought to myself "Hey, instead of pulling out a manual every time I want to accomplish something, why not make a quick guide for myself?"

Right now I've got two quick guides going on 3.5 x 5" cards. One has basic math functions for my stat class and the other has the basic outlines for writing a Java program/tester. These are both done in pen to prevent smudging.

I'm thinking about doing something similar for computer automations, specifically for my parents. While it pays to learn the software that you use, sometimes one can forget the simplest steps.

If you want to create your own cue cards, just get out a 3.5 x 5", get a pen, write REALLY small (so long as it's readable), and then keep it among your other stack of cards in your HPDA.

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