Friday, March 14, 2008
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Some good news: I have both Morrowind and WoW running at tolerable FPS on my desktop and laptop, both running Archlinux. When I say tolerable, I mean somewhere around 30 FPS, which really isn't bad since it's absolutely playable. While it does take away from some of ability to enjoy really high FPS (60+) that I probably could get with my hardware under a windows environment, it certainly is, to me, better to be in a Linux environment and sacrifice some of the really flashy stuff.

In my Morrowind game, I actually feel like I'm doing something. I never felt that way before through any of my previous runs (which were, admittedly, short lived). Perhaps I just didn't put the time necessary to get completely immersed in the world. Perhaps I'm just a person that learns from trial and error techniques. I'm starting to think it's the latter of the two.

Some bad news: Some things _don't_ work. Things I'm currently keeping my eye on:

1.) As of a few weeks ago, I had no sound coming from my front right speaker on my desktop running Archlinux. Very strange. I ran a speaker test and found both the front left AND front right sounds were being played from the front left speaker. I submitted a bug to Alsa's bug tracker but so far no response.

2.) I installed Unreal Tournament 2003 with the loki installer located on the third disk. I had to delete my libsdl file in the ut2003/System/ directory to even get the game to start. Now I get these really odd graphic bugs (which someone on the Arch forums has told me is probably the fault of the nvidia drivers). Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
As of now, this is (kind of) ignorable, but really, if this is an nvidia driver problem, shame on them.

3.) I'm still not having any luck on DHLore. I'll try this fix when I get home. My problem is pretty much described word-for-word by the op.

The DHLore problem will probably never be fixed officially since it's not going to be updated anymore. Beautiful. I love having to use workarounds to get things to work.

Wait... No I don't.
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