Friday, March 28, 2008
It's alive... IT'S ALIVEEEEEE
Hooray hoorah! Yesterday was a glorious day for victory and triumph. I got wireless working on my laptop (finally (seriously this time (I'm not kidding))). Turns out WICD was identifying my university's wireless network as WPA2 when it's really WPA. This was messing something up, as I could not get a dhcp IP address. It also turns out that the little -w flag I was using to call wpa_supplicant was messing things up, as well, as I was easily connected after I removed that. I'm now cruisin' with wpa_supplicant + dhclient. Life is good.

I also managed to get Arch on a friend's EEE. There's still some work that needs to be done, though. I have X running on it and XFCE (at my friend's request). I personally would have gone with *box, but it is, after all, his choice. I was a bit tired at that point so I didn't do anything past getting the X server actually on the little thing as well as the necessary wireless/wired/webcam/etc. modules. I felt I should let my friend have a hand at customizing his little laptop, as well. After all, what's the fun in owning a linux machine if you didn't actually participate in putting it together?

Oh, as a side note: We were unable to enter anything into the terminal in xfce. I have no idea why this could be, but it is really annoying. I'm about to start a google search for that bit of information.

I also should write on the WICD forums or google around for similar problems to what I had.
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