Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Oh Garage Games, what have you done?
I decided to give the game Dark Horizons: Lore a little play through. My computer would have none of it.

I got this nice little bit of text spit back out at me:

[rpj8@archdesktop DHLore]$ ./DHLore.bin
./DHLore.bin: symbol lookup error: ./DHLore.bin: undefined symbol: X11_KeyToUnicode

I let my head slowly sink down and touch my desk. I, of course, had no idea what this meant. After googling for a little bit, this is basically what I found:

This function is used by game build on SDL library in order to transform input of the keyboard into Unicode characters.
There is a risk that a lot of game build on SDL does not work with [Ubuntu] Edgy.
For instance all the games based on Torque will not work with edgy :

Well, ok then. What in the world does this mean? From some forum post somewhere:
according to this mail X11_KeyToUnicode is an internal symbol that should not be used by applications.
And onto "this mail"!:
It is an internal symbol that should not be used. It is nowhere to be
seen in the SDL exported headers. Which applications are using it? They obviously need fixing.
While this isn't good news still (the fix won't be right in front of my face), it's still cause for me to jump in the air for not having caused the problem myself! Apparently, libsdl never meant to have whatever the "X11_KeyToUnicode" command/symbol/whatever made public. Unfortunately, it WAS made public, and people built applications around the assumption that it would remain public. Who is at fault? I don't really know, but from an outsider looking in, I'd say it's not really anyone's fault, since it's a mistake on SDL's end for making it public, and also a mistake on the app builder's end for not releasing some sort of patch for their application to correct this problem.

So after some more googling trying to find a fix, I came across this (yes, it is google cache'd). This doesn't necessarily help me, as it's only a fix for "TGB", Torque Game Builder.

As for now, I'm coming up empty handed. I shot the guys at Torque an email, so hopefully they can get back to me on that issue. I also left a forum post on the forums, so hopefully a fix comes to fruition.

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