Thursday, March 13, 2008
WoW Battle Chest Install
I broke down and finally purchased the WoW Battle Chest today. Let me say this before I actually get into the technical details: The box is HUGE! It contains two large Battle Chest game guides, two smaller game manuals, two (10 day) guest passes, and a Blizzard Product Catalog (euh). And, of course, the dvd for WoW and it's expansion, Burning Crusade. All this for forty bucks seemed like a pretty good deal to me.

Now, on to the install on linux.

Everything seems to be going smoothly so far. I'm installing the original dvd right now (25%). I was a bit put off at first because it seems Blizzard made some kind of weird multi-session hoojamawhutsit (hoo jah mah wuts it) for the Mac install. I wanted to install under wine with an install exe, so after a bit of googling, I had to use the unhide option when I mounted the dvd:
mount -t iso9660 -o ro,unhide /path/to/device /mount/point

After that it was all a matter of running wine Installer.

A bit of woe to report on, though. I tried installing UT2003 with the loki installer. I had some problems, and now the stinkin' game doesn't even start. It's upgraded to the latest patched version 2225, so I'm not sure what else there is I can do. I have one idea that I just thought of that MIGHT work. I'll of course update with what's going on as far as that goes.
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