Wednesday, May 7, 2008
Today I'm taking my first steps into the world of LVM2 (read up about it here). Basically it provides a TON of flexibility when managing hard drive partitions, specifically the ability to resize then very easily. At this moment I'm installing arch from the 2008.04RC cd that I burned last night. The Arch Wiki was extremely helpful (as usual) in helping me out with the necessary steps to get my setup working correctly. Now all I need to do is actually boot into a working environment (fingers crossed).

To be honest, the primary objective was to see the difference between installing on my old disk (which I think is a 2007 disk... I didn't check at the time of burning it). So far what I've noticed is that rc.conf looks different on install (expected) and that fstab uses UUIDs instead of /dev/sda1 etc. In my opinion, this gives an even better reason to configure LVM. This way, one does not have to deal with UUIDs, and can just use /dev/mapper/blahblahblah. Decent.

The wiki also said I needed to add lvm2 to the hooks section in mkinitcpio.conf as well as make sure the menu.list file in /boot/grub has all the correct lines in it. That's understandable.

Now time to cross the fingers and reboot.
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