Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Goodbye pypanel, Hello stalonetray
I've been messing around with my interface lately after being ridiculed for having two clocks on my computer; For a while I had a nice large time display in conky and also in pypanel. One of them had to leave. Simply put, the app that lost out was pypanel. pypanel was a convenience for a while, but it was an eyesore as well as a waste of space.

A waste of space... it was only 16 pixels... something is wrong with me.

Anyhow, stalonetray is now my new friend, sitting comfortably in the Openbox dock at the bottom of my screen. I can middle click the mouse on the desktop to switch to minimized windows. This really allows for a much cleaner/nicer looking environment, if you ask me. Here's what my laptop looks like now:

And the Desktop:

Yes, I have problems with colors sometimes, so forgive me if you think the Openbox Theme doesn't mesh well with the background; I'm working on my decorative skills :).

And yes, that is Pokemon you see.

Let it be known that my step mother is still dealing with Linux. I haven't had the time to reinstall Windows, so she's been sitting on the same setup for some time now. I'm hoping that it grows on her after some time, but if it doesn't, I will do my duty and install whatever she wants.

Lastly, am I the only one not using /home/username as their blog name? How did I not think of this before getting Semidigerati?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Looks good.

Though myself I couldn't miss having a "tasks list".
I used to use tint for that, but recently I switched to pypanel.
Sadly, those two projects seem to be orphaned, but they still do what they're supposed to.

And about the /home/... blog name. I just picked that right from the start, but I didn't really realize that there were others out there with the same blog title. Until I found Liquidat's. So it's not really "original" is it.

Anyway, Semidigerati is a cool name. And its original.

Blogger Semidigerati said...
Thanks for the praise. It's a bit impractical to have the clock on the desktop and not in the tray, though... that's the next project.

And also thanks for the kudos on the blog name! I was wondering if it was a good choice or not.

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