Sunday, June 8, 2008
Lil' dinky guys
My friend recently purchased an E2 from Aleutia. He's on a whole environmentalist kick (not that he wasn't before), so the fact that this baby weighs in at only 8 watts meant that this was right up his alley. The price is affordable, too. If you don't feel like doing the math, Google says the price of £199 comes out to be (roughly) $392.01. Not too shabby if you're concerned about your waste output.

He installed Arch on it (of course) and, with very little fiddling, got things working nicely. He even has Gnome running on it nicely. Obviously there was some noticeable slow-down when messing with themes or heavily graphical tasks due to the underpowered hardware, but still.

This machine reminded me of something I saw from System76: The Koala Mini. It may not be as low wattage as the Aleutia E2, but it's still rockin' the miniature look. I emailed their staff about how much power would be consumed, so hopefully I get a response soon. Supposedly their tech support is REALLY nice, so I'm sure I'll be answered promptly.

If I didn't love Arch, I'd buy all of my laptops from the System76 guys.

Actually, I probably still could. However, I already have a laptop. I'll just point my friends in their direction in the future.
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