Thursday, June 12, 2008
Mmmmm... Smooth, Easy Guild Wars
Planning on selling ALL of my old gameboy games (original, color) to Game Stop, I packed my 2 old gameboy colors, screen magnifier, and cartridges into a plastic bag. After a quick drive to Game Stop, I found myself prepared to sell the toys of my childhood for cold, hard cash. Whoops... I meant store credit.

To my dismay, Game Stop no longer buys GB cartridges. They stopped back in April, so I missed the boat by a little more than a month. Damn.

I did end up selling a single GBA game I wasn't playing, though. I don't remember the exact title, but it was some Kirby game. I got 10 bucks of in-store Game Stop credit. "Oh great," I thought, "Like I'm ever going to use th--." And there it was: Guild Wars: Eye of the North on sale for 15 bucks. FIFTEEN DOLLARS. Just so you're with me, I'm looking at a purchase of one of my favorite games of all time for a lump sum of five dollars out of my pocket. Sweet.

This would be the perfect opportunity for me to 1.)reformat, 2.) reinstall Windows on a small partition, and 3.) reinstall Arch with LVM. I bought the game, went home, and began the fun. After a few annoying stumbling blocks, I was happily downloading the updates for Guild Wars. In Windows.

Now I'm torn. I feel a sense of guilt for advocating Linux while keeping Windows installed on my system. Oh well... at least Guild Wars is running at a smooth 60 fps with all of the settings turned up. Delicious.

As a side note, Saga doesn't even work in Windows. It crashes directly after the patcher. Now I don't feel so bad... Afterall, I got further with Wine + Linux.
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