Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Spring, Precipice, HIIT, and mpd stuffs
Before I go out for my run this evening, I'll tell you what I blew away a good couple of hours on my day off with: Attempting to get Spring and SpringLobby to work correctly in Arch. Everything would have gone smoothly had the aur pkgbuild made the appropriate directories in my home directory, but nooooo. I also had to copy over files from the official website as described in steps here. Big thanks to everyone in IRC who helped me figure stuff out (mostly a guy by the name of BrainDamage... Go figure).

Anywho, this game looks potentially fun. I plan on bringing it up in future LANs or next year in the dormitory.

Also, no I haven't bought the key for PoD yet. I will, though. Maybe tonight, even. We shall see. Right now, though, I just finished putting together a 17+ minute long mp3 for HIIT stuff, so it's now time to go test that baby out.

Also also, my future roommate is warming up to the idea of using mpd on the file server to play music and control it remotely. This is mostly because I sent him a HUGE list of clients that are available for mpd. I must admit, I was fairly surprised myself, as I mostly stick to ncmpc and Sonata.
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