Sunday, July 13, 2008
Dead as a Doornail. And some Diablo, too.
Turns out my step mother's computer is dead. At least the hard drive is. Bios doesn't even recognize it anymore. My step mother wanted me to compare prices between a pre-built system (from Dell or one from Newegg) versus building one from scratch, so I'll be doing that right after publishing this post.

In other news, I'm almost through Diablo (the original), and let me tell you I'm sorry that I waited this long to play the game. You wouldn't think it, but running around a randomly generated dungeon wildly clicking enemies and watching them explode is a TON of fun. The game's fairly short, though. There are only 16 floors or "levels" which you must go through. Although it has taken me this long since I bought the game to beat it, I haven't necessarily been playing it all too often. For example, I've been playing Earthbound for a bit longer and I think I'm just barely approaching the halfway point.

As far as getting the Blizzard downloader to work in wine, though... that doesn't seem to be coming along as smoothly as I'd like. I'm still getting the same error when attempting to download. I submitted the picture of the error and a bug report describing what's going wrong.

Just for good measure, here's the same error when trying to use the Starcraft installer:
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