Saturday, July 26, 2008
A fresh install: Ubuntu 8.04
No, I didn't install Ubuntu on one of my own computers. Rather, I wiped clean the hard drive of my father's/family's computer and am now installing the latest edition of Ubuntu. Just from the live CD I can already tell that this is going to be a worthwhile endeavor; the printer is automatically recognized, as is the wireless card, two pieces of hardware that had caused me so much pain and heartache in the past. Sweet.

Not only this, but the GUI itself seems more responsive, even off the Live CD. I can't wait to have this bad boy completely installed and running.

This installation has made me realize why people still choose to install Ubuntu on a client's computer rather than Arch (if they know how to install Arch, that is). First off, Ubuntu will, more than likely, "Just work". If the tech doesn't feel like learning every inch of a customer's computer and doesn't feel like running into any snags, he or she could more than likely install Ubuntu without a hitch.

Also, there's very little these days that has to go into customization for a Ubuntu computer (at least from what I can tell). Arch is really something that someone who is feeling bold should undertake on their own time, rather than have someone do all of the work for them.

I understand now. I am enlightened.
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