Thursday, July 3, 2008
Gettin' Things Done, Baby
Today and yesterday have been (semi)productive days. I switched back over to using the stock ARCH kernel after not noticing much of a difference when using my own custom compiled Kernel. The switch back was mostly fueled by the ability to update everything with a simple pacman -Syu, rather than having to go out of my way to compile modules, update, etc. I guess this sets me apart from most other Linux users in that I don't go through torturous lengths to make my computer run a fraction of a second faster. Wanting to make your computer faster, if even by the smallest amount, is never a bad thing. All I'm saying is that I don't go the extra mile to make that happen.

I also got around to uploading The Brady Brunsh music to lastfm. I've wanted to do this for quite some time, and since I fooled around with LMMS this morning and created a new TBB song, I decided today was the day. First I tagged my music with Picard, and then created a new lastfm account specifically for the group. Give the music a listen here. Yes, it is supposed to be silly/bad music.

I sold a few more of my old games in order to get a few bucks. I'm hoping to buy the Diablo Battle Chest in the near future, mostly so I can have a bit of a background with the game, instead of just going right into D3 cold.

On top of this, I've made a bit more progress into Earthbound. I'm just at the part where the story forks. I won't reveal too much, since I'm not sure blogger does spoiler tags.

See, to me, this is getting stuff done. At least in the summer time. I did a few other things that actually matter, such as paying bills/taxes, but I'd rather keep this blog to technology related matters.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
On my fast(er) laptop I generally use the stock kernel as well (also for updating reasons ao.)

On older machines though it can really be worth it running a custum kernel. Not only when it comes to boot times, but general usage as well.
But I'm sure you already know that.

Blogger rpj8 said...
That's a good point. All necessary steps should be taken when dealing with an older computer to streamline the build as much as possible. I just figure "what a second or two off boot times" when my boot times are already 15-20 seconds. Thanks for the input, freduardo.

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