Tuesday, July 8, 2008
Kicking the Bucket
I just received another email from my step mother concerning her old computer. This time around, it sounds like something finally snapped in that old box, and it may be time to build a new box. I feel bad for her, but I had explained before to her that a hard drive will eventually die out. Hopefully she won't be too disappointed if it really is fubar'd.

Let me explain that I know a hard drive would be pretty darn easy to swap out. However, I'd like to get her updated to at least a 64 bit processor system. Her old computer was running fine (aside from the occasional kernel panic), but it gets to a point sometimes when one just has to let go of older hardware and embrace change.

I'll be dropping by my father's house on Sunday to visit. During that time I'll give her computer a once over and assess the damage.
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