Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Quarantine, Bash Colors, Torrenting, and a Blogger Theme (?)
First thing's first: Sorry for the long title of this post. Now, on to the content!

I was perusing a certain forum recently and came across this little gem: Quarantine 2019. Being the sucker I am for browser-based games, I signed up and have been playing throughout the day. The game is modeled after Urban Dead, a Humans vs. Zombies type of game. Back in my heyday of trying every single free game out there, I threw a few weeks into UD, but never got hooked. Q2019 is still in beta stages, but seems to have caught my attention this time around. We'll see how long I stick with it.

I got an answer about more terminal colors thanks to goldfish in #bash. He pointed me in the direction of the Gentoo Wiki which has a great article in regards to using many more colors for your terminal than the standard 9-ish provided by bash.

While attempting to come up with another way to help the community, I decided to do something as simple as seed the Arch iso torrent. Although minor, the thought that I'd donating some of my idle bandwidth to my current favorite OS makes me happy.

I'm also on the lookout for a new blogger template. My current one as of writing this post is nice, but I'd like to stand out in the crowd just a little bit more. Perhaps I'll crack my knuckles tomorrow and dive into some simple web design.
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