Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Reinstall On the Laptop
I had a great weekend of relaxation at the beach. Tons of sun, and, unfortunately, a nice amount of sunburn. Ah well... that's what I get for being super pale.

Over the weekend break, I actually ended up wiping my entire laptop and installing Windows on a 25 GB partition, using the rest for Arch Linux in an LVM. Much like the desktop, I'll need that Windows partition for next year while in the dormatories. Also, since I take the laptop with me to my friends' houses, I'd like to be able to install any game without struggling with Wine. It's really all in the name of convenience.

In other news, my Step Mom now wants to watch movies with the Netflix streaming application. I'm starting to get a mark on my face from the amount of facepalming Netflix has caused me to do. Apparently, the Netflix Watch Now or whatever stupid program they use is Windows only. Stupid. Why companies don't go cross platform these days is beyond me.
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