Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Waitin' on the Processor
Most of the parts for the new computer have come in. All but the Processor remain. I got a little anxious last night and opened the boxes, mounted the drives as well as the PSU. Now it's all a matter of waiting. I think I'm a bit too excited to finally put this computer together.

In the mean time, I'll read up on... well... I don't really know. Various aspects of Linux, I suppose. I mostly want to figure out where I went wrong with my freenx installation. Perhaps it was that I was a bit tired when I made the attempt and was impatient (see my first trial with awesome). Hey, maybe things will be different this next time around.

In fact, while I'm waiting for this part, I'll install the freenx server on my lappy and see if I can get at it with the family desktop. Fun fun!

Edit: Everything arrived, and I just finished putting everything together and getting everything installed in about 5 hours. I was really freaked out when the monitor wouldn't flicker on. However, after a few reboots, the system seems to be running flawlessly. Now the real test is to see if my Step Mother notices a HUGE speed increase. I'm pretty sure she will.
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