Wednesday, August 27, 2008
NFS: Coming soon to a server near me
Over the weekend I plan on installing NFS on the server in our Dorm room. My friend expressed a desire to mount the raid on his computer for whatever reason. I personally don't have a problem with using ssh/sftp/scp, but setting up an NFS server should be fun, anyhow.

I'll be following the steps as listed on the ArchWiki since the wiki has given me the best results when learning to set up anything Arch related. I'll probably end up setting the server up to only allow nfs mounting from the 192.168.2.*/24 range since this is the hard wired connection inside of our room, rather than the wireless connection we have set up.

Which reminds me: I need to find out how to set up samba so that it sees shares on multiple networks. As of right now, it's only seeing shares on eth0. Similarly, on my laptop (which I connect to our internal LAN) can only see the samba server in our room. Ah well... all in due time, I suppose.

PS., I'm still addicted to Quarantine 2019. I decided to start up the medical profession line so that I can both self-heal and heal other citizens. As of right now, the humans are most definitely winning. I sense a strong zombie uprising in the future, though.
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