Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Follow-up to the New Candidate
Turns out my friend is enjoying his Ubuntu experience so far. This makes me quite happy, as his conversion will up my ratio to about 1 success in every 2 attempts. Not too shabby :).

What really amazed me is that he said his wired internet connection worked straight up at my University. If you've been reading my posts at all, you'll remember me messing around with wpa_supplicant scripts and such to get myself connected via a wire. In fact, I still do this on both my desktop and laptop under Arch. Apparently, though, Ubuntu 8.04 makes it possible to just enter in a username and password and BAM, you're on the net. I'm assuming this has something to do with an updated Network Manager, but still, really really cool. This feature will definitely turn some heads... having to explain the difficulties of connecting to the net here at my Uni was almost unbearable.

Also, my midterm essay due on Thursday is almost completed. Seems this puppy's going to weigh in at around 10 pages when it's completed. After that I have about 3 weeks where I'll have an exam on at least one of the days of the week. Hopefully that will bring an end to the onslaught and I'll be able to head home for Turkey Day break. DOUBLE hopefully I'll manage to schedule in some time to work on those write-ups!
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