Sunday, October 5, 2008
A new candidate: "Yeah, I want to try Ubuntu on my Laptop"
My friend recently expressed a desire to have Ubuntu on his laptop. Now, if you're thinking "Oh, why not arch, huh? WHY NOT ARCH?", then I shall tell you. I mentioned in another post this very fact: Newbies get Ubuntu, the experienced move on to Arch on their own. It's as simple as that. I will not force arch upon anyone... I'd much rather the person enjoy their experience rather than regret the decision.

Anywho, the friend is using a gateway something-or-other. I'll have to give it a second look later tonight while I'm installing. It's a nice machine... 2GB of ram with a dual core processor. I figure I would set him up with a dual boot system just in case he doesn't enjoy Ubuntu. If not, I'll just resize the ntfs partition and fix the MBR. Boom.

This'll be my first re-install in quite some time. I'm actually pretty excited about it, mostly because with 8.10, everything seemed to work perfectly. From his wireless mouse to his wireless network card, everything seemed hunky dory. This SHOULD be a really smooth process. We shall see.
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