Sunday, October 26, 2008
Samba Solutions
I've been noticing that pyNeighborhood has its shortcomings. However, it is, unfortunately, one of the better clients out there. This didn't stop me from taking a peek at the AUR today to see what was offered.

First off was autoscan which just seemed far too bulky for my likings. If I was looking for an all-around network tool, then I'd definitely give it a fair run. I did not end up even trying it as the package in AUR was terribly outdated. Hopefully my email to the aur mailing list is heard shortly.

Then I came across g2sc. This program, still under development, seemed like it could be my answer as a successor to pyNeighborhood. Alas, it appears to be outdated, as well.

I noticed that someone began the creation of a thunar samba extension. That's pretty nice, I suppose. I'll be happier once I can get it to work appropriately. I also noticed the package pcmanfm-experimental which has support for samba, ftp, etc. That'll be a deal breaker for me, I think, as far as what file manager I end up using full time,

All in all, I must say I'm slightly disappointed in the array of gui samba clients out there. Either they're old, too bloated, or too lacking in features. I suppose I'll stick to pyNeighborhood, for now. But still...

Perhaps I should start learning a language instead of complaining all the time. :D
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